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A yield-focused digital asset fund.

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We provide our clients with exposure to this growing asset class, but with significantly reduced volatility.

Opensource software is in the early innings of transforming our financial system. What the internet did to information, crypto networks will do to value exchange.

However, like the internet, the early adoption phase of disruptive technologies can be volatile as market expectations diverge from adoption. At Reflection Digital, we help to smooth out the volatile return profile and protect investors’ downside.

By taking advantage of market inefficiencies, we can provide access to compelling returns, largely in a market neutral way.

Our role at Reflection Digital is to minimize risk.

The digital asset world offers many of the same risk vectors as traditional finance but introduces a few novel hazards. We help investors navigate these risks in a transparent manner, building trust and confidence in the process.

In stark contrast to the investment management industry, Reflection Digital will deliver a new level of transparency. We will offer investors a dashboard of their portfolio - each position verified by our own nodes before being showcased to investors.

Blockchains enable a new level of transparency in asset management. We will pass this along to our investors.


The early stage of market development and the lack of dollar funding available to decentralized networks provide investors with access to yields well above traditional finance. We will employ four investment pillars to reap the benefits:


Yield Farming

Provide USD-denominated funding to decentralized exchanges for a cut of trading fees and token rewards for helping to bootstrap protocol network-effects.



Lend USD stablecoins to overcollateralized money market funds on-chain or proven centralized lenders.


Staking Arbitrage

"Staked” tokens provide an income stream to holders. By running our own nodes or staking higher yielding tokens on a hedged basis, we can provide attractive market-neutral returns.


Structured Longs

Leverage “excess” yields to provide directional exposure to blue chip projects via structured products – enabling access to upside while limiting exposure to principal.

At Reflection Digital, we have assembled a team with complementary skill sets across both public and private market investing.

Alan Soh

Alan Soh has a background managing liquid portfolios for large family offices in Southeast Asia as well as past experience in foreign exchange, trading, and risk management for UBS and Citi.

Rawson Haverty

Rawson Haverty has a background in growth equity investing – covering enterprise software, consumer internet, and fintech investments at Temasek across the US and Southeast Asia. He has also been investing in the digital asset space since early 2017.

Reflection Digital is a yield-focused digital asset fund. We provide our clients with exposure to this growing asset class, but with significantly reduced volatility.